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We are looking for hard working people who are responsible and follow through with their commitments.  If you are a licensed commercial driver with at lease one year experience who communicates well and has kept a clean driving record as well as you are particularly careful about your record– we have a job for you.

(224) 488 4222


What To Expect

Once you hit submit on the application, we will quickly evaluate your answers.  If you are a strong candidate we will contact you personally and fly you out to us in Morton Grove if we get the proper paperwork filled out. 

Flexible Home Time

After establishing trust with us through consistant communication and time put in, we are glad to work with you on home time that fits your lifestyle. 


Simply put we pay weekly and keep you in the money as long as you keep trucking that freight. 

New Trucks and Trailers

We have a fleet of trucks that are mostly International or Freightliner from 2017 but many as new as 2021.  Our trailers are in great condition and as new or newer than our trucks.

Direct deposit

As well as weekly pay we can easliy get hooked up with your bank so that you se instant deposit at the end of the week.

1099 or W2

Some prefer the tax structure and flexibility of working under a 1099, others love the stability of being under a W2 with our company. We offer both.

24/7 Support and Gas Card

We have brilliant dispatchers that support you as a driver and keep you supported on the road. As well we provide Fuel Card, Trip Pack, I-Pass, and Keeptruckin Logs.

Partner With Us

Brokers and Companies that need freight transportation are urged to contact us today to get our best rates!

Join Our Team

Whether a driver, dispatcher, or safety admin– come work with us and make piles of money.

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